GB T 6554 Steel Plastic Composite Pipe Underground Steel Pipe Coating Anti Aging

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: NO
Certification: NO
Model Number: SP(H )-TPE/EP-KM235/ DN 48.3~1118MM SP(W)-TPE/EP-KM 295/ DN 48~711MM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Seaworthy Packing
Delivery Time: 30-60 days
Supply Ability: 500pcs per month
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Detail Information
Size: DN 48.3~323.9MM,DN 48~325MM Internal: Polyethylene (TPE)
External: Epoxy Resin (EP) Test Standard Nonvolatile Content: GB/T 6554
Hygienic Performance: Conform To GB/T 17219 Sample: Availiable
High Light:

powder coated steel pipe


epoxy lined steel pipe

Product Description

GB T 6554 Steel Plastic Composite Pipe Underground Steel Pipe Coating Anti Aging


Description of  Internal Epoxy Resin (EP) and Polyethylene (TPE) for external for Steel Plastic Composite Pipe for Coal Mine


Mine pipe refers to a product specially developed for special underground environmental conditions, which has the advantages of flame retardant, antistatic, corrosion resistance, long service life and strong safety. It is mainly used in five systems: mine drainage pipe (KS), mine grouting pipe (KJ), mine positive pressure air pipe (KFZ), mine negative pressure air pipe (KFF), mine gas drainage pipe (KW).



Size:SP(W)-TEP(PE)-KM 295/ DN 48~1016MM

          SP(H)-TEP(PE)-KM 295/ DN 48.3~1118MM


Pressure Grade

suitable for Pipeline’s pressure not more than 10 MPa


Carried Standard

Inspection Code for Safety Performance of Plastic Pipe Used in Coal Mine


The properties of epoxy resin powder for coating meet the requirements of the following table:


Properties of Epoxy Resin Powder


Item Requirement Test standard
Density(g/cm2) 1.3~1.5 GB/T 1033
Particle size distribution /% 150um≤3;250um≤0.2 GB/T 6554
Nonvolatile content /% ≥99.5 GB/T 6554
Horizontal liquidity /mm 22~28 GB/T 6554
Gelation time /s ≤120(200℃) GB/T 6554
Impact strength /(kgcm) ≥50 GB/T 1732
Bending test /(¢2 mm) pass GB/T 6742
Hygienic performance Conform to GB/T 17219


Properties of Polyethylene powder



Item Requirement Test standard
Density (g/cm2) >0.91 GB/T 1033
Tensile strength /MPa >9.80 GB/T 1040
Elongation at break /% >300 GB/T 1040
Vicat softening point /℃ >85 GB/T 1633
Nnonvolatile content /% >99.5 GB/T 2914
Hygienic performance Conform to GB/T 17219




GB T 6554 Steel Plastic Composite Pipe Underground Steel Pipe Coating Anti Aging


High pressure, good mechanical properties: the base pipe is reinforced welded steel pipe or high pressure seamless steel pipe, the inner and outer surface of polyethylene or epoxy resin anticorrosive treatment, the perfect combination of steel pipe and plastic pipe. Continued the advantages of steel pipe, its mechanical strength is very high, impact, bending, pressure and strength and other external forces have a strong bearing capacity.


Good hygienic performance, low fluid resistance: in line with the drinking water standards of the Ministry of Health, no fouling, no breeding of microorganisms, no secondary pollution of fluids. The inner wall is smooth and the conveying efficiency is high.


Chemical corrosion resistance, weathering resistance and aging resistance are very high: the coating can prevent metal oxidation, and has the corrosion resistance of acid, alkali and salt. The product has excellent anti-aging performance, and its service life is much higher than other pipes. The product can be painted with flange to ensure the anticorrosion effect of the whole pipeline.


GB T 6554 Steel Plastic Composite Pipe Underground Steel Pipe Coating Anti Aging

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